Unfinished Projects

I can't even tell you how many unfinished projects I have laying around my house. And so many more floating around my head.

Somehow, and I am not sure how or why this happens to me, projects change from exciting and new to old, boring and tedious.

This project, this ongoing project, became one of those things. By "this project" I mean this blog.

Over the past five months I hit some awesome milestones and had a killer summer and even went on my dream trip to the Canadian East Coast.
It has been filled with some life-changing stuff and gives me the cold-nervous-sweats and the spine-tingling excitement.

Life continues on. And I have found that I miss writing these things down.
I want to keep working on this project I started.
This unfinished, on-going project is making me excited again.

So I'm back again. Check me out on instagram for more updates, stories and pictures! 

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  1. Ha Ha, I am the same way! It seems I only finish a project if its either really quick or is a gift ( although even then sometimes I get distracted(by other patterns) and it takes me forever to finish it).