That Time I Stopped Knitting

I have had a crazy year so far. But the best and most rewarding first 2 months of the year. Better than I could have thought. 
This does not mean that everything has been good. I have had some unwelcome surprises. But hey, we pick ourselves up and keep on going. It’s all good. 
Anyway, I thought I would catch you up on what is going on around here in two blog posts (hopefully the second won't be as wordy as this one).  

I seem to be taking a break from knitting and crochet for a while. For good reason. 
I found out that I
love painting. Which is such a surprise and so exciting to learn a new way to create. 

For one thing, I have to learn to experiment with colours. Long time readers might know that I am pretty afraid of colours, and usually opt for the ones I am comfortable with. Browns. Greys. Blues.  
But painting somehow demands more from me. 
I can’t always get always with greys and blues. This in itself is exciting.
Another reason is that with knitting you are always making something. Everything I have made is a worker. It is used to keep me and my loved ones warm. But with painting, I don't paint to put to use. I paint to create a reminder, work through my frustrations and remember something. It is such a different kind of making. 

Because I am so new to this painting world, I have purchased some classes from Craftsy. So far I have taken a sky painting class and a mixing watercolour paints class. Both excellent with great lessons and fantastic teachers.  I just started Essential Linear Perspective Techniques class this week, and I can tell already that this one is going to be super useful and interesting. Check them out!  

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your patience. 
I don’t really want to talk to much about what my plans are yet, but I can tell you that I am very excited and I am working very hard to make these plans a reality. So I may not be able to blog very often anymore. But occasionally I will, because I still really love writing and sharing with you.

That being said, I have on other post about something else I have been learning. I will be sharing soon! So check back!

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  1. A very valid reason to put knitting and crochet on a halt for now. Have fun exploring all the wonderful colours while painting :)