Taking Stock V

I love doing this and looking back on past editions of the posts and thinking how everything and nothing has changed. 

Making: Hats and plans for
the new year
Cooking: Rice. Does that count?
Drinking: coffee more often than I would care to admit
Reading: Just Finished this, starting this
Wanting: another cup of coffee
Looking: at a blizzard outside my window
Playing: Dutch Blitz 
Deciding: to be happy
Wishing: for a little less wind.
Enjoying: Walks through the magical woods
Liking: free hot chocolate stands outside the university 
Wondering: How I ended up without mittens
Loving: how warm my dog is
Considering: some e-courses I should take.
Watching: A Very Potter Musical and dying laughing
Marvelling: awesome painted scripted words. 
Cringing: when people say they don't like snow or winter.
Smelling: like crayons all the time. (Thanks to crafting with kids for my job)
Wearing: princess costumes to work
Following: Me & Orla
Knowing: more about Human Physiology than I ever thought I would.
Admiring: all the polka dot socks I have acquired!
Sorting: and cleaning out my room.
Getting: excited for the new year.
Bookmarking: sewing patterns! All the sewing patterns!
Disliking: the feeling when you finish a really good book.
Opening: chocolate and cookies from Christmas
Snacking: on Larabars
Wondering: what books would you suggest I read?

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Have a wonderful and safe start to 2016!

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