This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada (Happy Thanksgiving!).
On Thanksgiving Monday, the power in our house was out for 5 hours. It was cold in the house, it was dark and blustery outside, the wifi was out, my computer out of battery and I was hungry for toast.
I complained. I complained loudly and fiercely. And then I complained some more. I couldn't believe the amount that I relied on electricity.
And then my sister bought me a coffee. I remembered that while it may be colder than my preferred temperature, it was still a lot warmer than outside. I could read by the light from the window and listen the wind in the trees. I thought of how dumb I was being. The power going out was the perfect reminder of how lucky I am and how I am rarely grateful enough for what I have.

I need to work on this. Work at wondering and taking in the amazingness of the world.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
And thank you for all always being so kind and lovely.


  1. We are blessed aren't we? I think I would have sat by the window and knit ; ) I can only handle no power for a little while myself. I don't like being cold......

    1. I tried the sit and knit, but it was so dark outside (even at noon) that even that was a struggle. I ended up winding some yarn and listening to podcasts until my phone ran out of battery!