Taking Stock IV

This summer was probably one of the best summers ever. So I better take stock while it’s still fresh.

Making : Socks and christmas gifts.
Cooking : bruschetta
Drinking : iced coffee
Wanting: a yarn swift--should I make one? 
Looking: at a very clean bedroom
Playing: Harry Potter audiobooks
Enjoying: Birkenstocks
Liking: my new blog design
Wondering: how different my life could look a year from now
Loving: The Mystery Show
Buying: Nothing because tuition is due soon.
Watching: America’s Got Talent
Hoping: that weekend coffee shop and knit/read dates happen during the school year too. 
Marvelling: at how just a day trip can be the best adventure
Needing: to sneeze whenever I step into the sun
Smelling: crisp morning air.. Is this fall!?
Wearing: a few more layers lately and its awesome
Noticing: that my fingernails are a little stronger (finally)
Admiring: bright red evening sunsets
Sorting: my room and keeping it clean
Getting: really close to finishing the quickest knit sweater ever.
Pinning: a lot of of things to my home board lately.
Feeling: well rested but not well rested enough
Snacking: seasonal fruit
Helping: myself to more fruit
Hearing: canadian geese flying in. Fall is coming!

This was the best summer. And I hope yours was great too!


  1. Great list. Thanks for sharing.
    I like this idea for a blog post.

    1. I got this idea from Pip at Meet Me at Mikes. Go to her site and search "Taking Stock" and she has a copy and paste list for you!

  2. Great list. Thanks for sharing.
    I like this idea for a blog post.