Summer Project Roundup

This summer has been fantastic. The summer of creativity,-constantly creating, if not my own projects, then projects for work. The summer of learning- from sock knitting, to watercolour painting, to how to rebuild a blog, to how to keep a 4-year-old focused for an hour. 
While I am (very) sad to see it go, I am trying my very best to stay positive about the semester ahead of me. But a little more reminiscing won’t do any harm! Here’s a round up of this summer’s makes:

-and something that finished just before the start of school, so post to come on Tuesday! Keep an eye out for it!

It really was a fantastic summer. Here's to an even better autumn.


  1. I love the idea of a summer roundup (an every season roundup) of creative pursuits. I think I will try to do this, too. Thanks for the inspiration. You have made some beautiful things, Rebecca. And all those aprons - Wow. The height of industry. :^)

  2. well done, a terrific summer of making indeed! I personally love Autumn and feel a lot more knitting gets done in the coming months, so hopefully that will fill you with some optimism about the coming seasons too! :) jenny xx

    1. Autumn is the best- I agree. I always want to do so much more knitting this time of year, but silly education gets in the way quite often!
      But it's not so bad! Thanks for the smile!

  3. I love that purple cardigan! You have been busy :)

  4. You were very productive last month. Good luck with September.

  5. You were very productive last month. Good luck with September.

  6. You've certainly made a lot of wonderful things this summer! :) I'm sure autumn will be just as fantastic though, lots of new inspiration.