Sorcery Socks

For a first pair of socks, I don't think they turned out too bad. I am not 100% thrilled, but they are good enough. I made these for my boyfriend, and they are a little snug on his feet. Although they fit my feet perfectly (maybe I subconsciously made them too small on purpose?). But he still really likes them, and maybe for this project thats enough that I can call it a win.

I used this pattern from Lait Gat with this yarn. The pattern wasgreat and the videos that came along with it were super helpful (I always need reminders on how to properly W&T). This pattern was highly recommended for first socks to me on Instagram, and I am glad I took the advice of many wonderful commenters. Isn't the knitting community awesome?
Do you remember last weeks debate over sock knitting?
Well, because of the awesome advice you all left in the comments, I think I will be giving sock knitting another chance.

(Also, these are named the Sorcery Socks because I was re-listening to the first few Harry Potter audiobooks while knitting them)

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  1. Congrats on finishing your first pair of socks, they look fantastic!! And at least you already figured out what fits your feet, great start ;) You can always try casting on some more stitches for your boyfriends socks or a stretchier heel.