It's a Good Day

Its all in your attitude.
I am a week into this semester of university. And already I am ready needing to figure out how to prioritize my time. 
Between school and work, I have little time in the evenings to do much creative, and more often than not I am too mentally exhausted to even think about pulling out my knitting needles. 
This semester is full of what ifs, insane textbook prices and long days.
I could easily fall into a complain and and cry routine. 

I can’t control any of these things. I can do very little other than keep up with my readings and notes and studying. 
But one thing I can do is to have a good attitude. Keep a smile on, keep moving forward and be happy with what I am working on. Give it all I can while taking time to breath. 

Because really, there are so many good things going on right now. 
I am making friends this semester. I finally have a study routine down that really works for me. I am working towards my future. Theres a Komodo dragon on the cover of one of my textbooks. I get to walk outside a lot. My classes interest me. I am colour coordinating my planner, which looks really nice. Earl grey Tea everyday. And cloudy skies make me happy.
So, Today is a good day to have a good day. 

(also, sorry that I promised a project post up on Tuesday! I have to weave in a million ends before I can take pictures, and I haven’t found the time to do either thing yet! I’ll aim for next Tuesday!)


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    1. I'm glad that comes across. Because it really is something that I am constantly learning.

  2. Hear hear, a positive attitude can make all the difference!