All the Lists

Story Time: 
On days off of school or during summer holidays, my sister and I would often wake up to a scrap of paper left by my mom on the table, kindly titled “Girls, Could You Please…"
To Do lists. Always the same kind of
things, tidy the house and whatnot. 
We would always complain about these lists, and tease my mom for being so attached to her list-making habits.
Until I got to my final year of high school. And suddenly, I couldn’t do anything without first making a list of everything I needed to do and cross it off. 
Sticky notes are always my favourite. They have been basically my only way of keeping track of things my entire university career.  Until...

Tiny Feast (my favourite local stationary shop) stocked the Rifle Paper Co. planner (here or here). 
Best thing ever. And I will tell you why. 

-It has all the monthly calendars under a tab of the book together. This means I don’t need to flip endless pages to get to the next month at a glance. 
-The days are separated under tabs by month, showing a week at a time. But the best part of of these are that every day is just lines with check boxes next to it. A book of lists. Finally. 14 lines for every week day and 7 for the weekend.
-every week has an inspirational quote.
-16 months long, and it feels sturdy enough to last this long. 
-It’s beautiful. The cover itself is pretty, but every “title page” of each section is equally pretty. Its just that all the details are thought of and it is simple, well designed and thought out. 

I have been using it all August so far, and I always feel so good and accomplished when I get to check something off.

I highly recommend, especially if you are a planner and list person like me.


  1. Oh my goodness, I haven't had a planner since I got a smart phone, but yours just made my heart do a little skippity-skippity hop. I heart all the organization.

    1. For whatever reason smartphones never do it for me, maybe it's the physical act of writing that helps me remember. But to each their own! And thank you!