The Relief of Destruction

You have probably heard it before: Knitting is good for you. Helps memory, depression, anxiety...the list goes on. Making something from nothing is extraordinarily beneficial.
But what about those failed projects? The ones that are unhappily frogged after the hours and hours of work and patience is put into it?

I recently experienced this. In fact, the same yarn took many shapes before it became the beautiful garment it is today. 

So here is the truth as I have learned:
Sometimes, patterns are inconsistent to the point of no return. 
Sometimes, the yarn doesn’t work with the pattern. 
Sometimes, due to human flaws, we fail the pattern. 

All of these things happened with the sweater I made. It was carefully twisted and looped and turned and sewed and still was ripped apart with embarrassment, disappointment and, honestly, a bit of anger. 

But that is the awesome part of knitting/crocheting. 
It can be put back together. The materials are not wasted.
The act of ripping apart the piece is theraputic. It starts in anger, disappointment and embarrassment, but the yarns are rewound into a tight ball, the those emotions turn into hope, inspiration and lessons learned. 
Materials are not wasted. 

I gained much more than I lost. 
At least thats how I am choosing to look at it. 


  1. 100% agree - sometimes, no matter how much time you put in, if you aren't happy you gotta frog! I did this with a jumper I knit earlier this year, family said no no don't unravel! But I knew I would never wear it it, so I did and I used the wool to knit another jumper which is soooo much better! :) and knitting is so good for you :)
    jenny xx -

    1. You always gotta go with that gut feeling!

  2. I agree that ripping feels good too! It provides a clean slate ; )

    1. Clean slate and more knitting fun!