The Joy and Struggle of the End

I am sure you have felt it before— that excitement that comes from finally casting off that dearly loved treasure. 

When it is finally done and the your world is filled to the brim with all the knits. Anything your dear pinterest feed shows you— “I could make that”  and “I am going to make that” and “Oooh I should make that for so-and-so".
Its the time that the crazy goals pop out of the woodwork. 
Like mine: “I am going to have all my Christmas knitting done before school starts”. Ha. Good one.

But this overflow of inspiration is a good time. It is a time of over-pinning and under-thinking. 

At least this is what I have been feeling since finishing that lavender sweater last week. 

But at the same time, the momentum of the completed project that was long in the making is terrible. I can finally finish my socks turns into I should finish my socks before I cast on the next sweater. But then the “shoulds" turn into "have-tos” and those inspirational pins become distractions. 

So where is the balance?

For me, I set little goals. Daily knitting goals. and I break up the sock knitting— the have-to—  with some quick crocheted scarves— the want-to. 
This is slowly getting my to knit Christmas list down while working on some donating stuff. 

What do you do with this sort of momentum? Do you experience this? More joy, or more struggle?


  1. I pin things nearly every day, but never look at them again ; (
    So much inspiration out there but it never results in more time. I have two small projects on the go, but want to knit baby things like crazy for my new grand son. What to do......

    1. New baby? I say knit for him! That will be way more fun than your other projects anyway ;)

  2. This feeling seems very recognisable to me. It is super exciting to stroll around pinterest and ravelry, picking out new projects after finishing a long wip in the making. But I always have these projects lying around that I feel need to be finished first. But I guess knitting should never be about having to finish something, so balance is of essence!

    1. Love the way you said this! Balance the starting with the finishing to keep it exciting!