Lessons Learned: Making 60 Tiny Aprons

I have the best summer job in the world. 
I get to hang out with the coolest kindergarten kids, and I get to do crafts and be creative and silly. 
So it's been an awesome summer. 
Another awesome part of this job is that I got to spend working hours 60 sewing children's aprons. 

The pattern is basic. So straight forward that even I, the complete sewing novice, could replicate the example I was given. So I don’t think I gained sewing skills.
But I did learn a lot from doing this project, so I thought I would share. 

- I have put myself in a creative, DIY minded world. Because of seeing my Pinterest, Instagram, blogging and home life filled with sewing, knitting, crocheting and other creative activities, I forgot that not everyone can sew. 

- But I also was reminded by a friend that it is an awesome skill to have. "You'll have to make our kids all the dress-up costumes!"

- There is a lot of work that goes into making an apron, no matter now little it is. Cutting, pressing, stitching, winding over and over again all takes a lot of time. 

- 60 aprons is a big number. It is a mind numbing number. It is a boring number. It is a procrastinating number. 

- But how blessed am I that I complain about 60 aprons. 60, in the grand scheme of things, is nothing. Think of those being underpaid and overworked. Think of those hand stitching and repurposing old clothes because that is all they have. Think of those who can’t repurpose, who just reuse their clothes until they are falling off their backs. 
Think of all the work that goes into making that $5 blouse that I thought I got such a deal on. But who lost out when I got the amazing price?
I am reminded of the importance of buying second hand, sweatshop free and making my own closet. 

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