Why Wonder?

As you may know, I recently gave my blog a whole new look and name- Wonder and Wool. There is reason beyond alliteration in the name, and it holds some significance to me. 
The Wool part is probably pretty obvious if you’re a reader of the blog. I write about knitting and crocheting. Often. 

But why Wonder? Let me explain.

There are two reasons. First, a goal of mine is to be constantly paying attention to those little blessings. Actively appreciating those feelings of awe. The moment might be fleeting and sometimes buried between times less beautiful, but I think that reminding myself about the wonder will make more a happier and more purposeful life. 

Another reason is wonder under a different definition-- to be curious about something and have a desire to learn. 
I am in university. It can be monotonous. It can be slow going. It can also feel like it's moving at and overwhelming warp speed. But I want to keep wondering. Reminding myself about my love of learning and need to know things outside of the textbook. This comes from everywhere. Pay attention and learn from the world around me. Stay curious. 


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