Welcome to Wonder and Wool!

Here we are! Welcome to Wonder & Wool!
I am so happy to be back, even though things look a lot different around here. 

Let me explain the changes. 

I started Rebecca Bee Designs almost exactly 2 years ago (July 29 is my anniversary). I was 19. 
The life of my July 29th, 2013 self stayed pretty much the same right up until the beginning of this year. 
I was a university student with a passion for crafting. The blog was basically that.

Fast forward to 2015, and I lost my job. There were family emergencies. I got a new job and picked up new hobbies. I had the worst case of writers block and lost interest in blogging. And will most likely graduate later this year. It has been and continues to be a year of great changes. So I stopped blogging for the last few months just because I needed a break.

Recently, I started to miss blogging. Because somewhere along the way, my little blog became a place that allowed me to not only share crochet, knitting and sewing patterns, but also allowed me a place to document my current interests, recent ideas and goals. 
I missed that.
But at the same time, it seemed dated. It was me before 2015. It was me before my life was turned upside down (for better and worse). I had changed. 

Wonder & Wool is basically the old blog with a new outlook. Seek wonder. Keep crafting. Be positive. Stay joyful. Inspire. 
It feels more professional. More grown-up. It feels more like me. 
I hope you like it and what comes out of it. 

Please let me know what you think! 



  1. Hi Rebecca. Found you over on IG. Look forward to seeing what you knit up here. I'm taking a road trip today over to Art of Yarn with my daughter in law Becca. I've just taught her to knit and she's so excited! Enjoy your day

    1. I loved Art of Yarn! It was a beautiful store with great people! A highlight of my Kelowna trip for sure!

  2. I think the blog looks brilliant, and although I didn't read this when it was Rebecca Dee Designs I look forward to seeing your crafty creations :D also the picture you've shared is wonderful, I'm just drooling looking at the beautiful wool! jenny xx

    1. So great to hear from you! Thanks for the input!