Striped Picnic Blanket Skirt

There I was, strolling along the overstuffed aisles of the thrift store. 
There it was, the coolest knit fabric ever. 
I didn't know what I would make with it, but two dollars for a meter and a half of potential, how could I say no?

I brought it home, and after a tiny bit of research and a look through my pinterest boards, I re-stumbled across a long time bit of inspiration. Tilly's tutorial on how to make a picnic blanket skirt without a pattern. 
Perfect. And free? Awesome. 

It was easy enough that I could do it, but challenging enough that I needed to be careful. 
Gathering, button bands, waistbands, directional patterns -- all things that I was previously unfamiliar with, and for the most part, all things that I am no longer going to avoid.

Button bands will continue to be on the list. Only because with button bands usually come button holes.  
Which is that part that I couldn't figure out on my machine. So to make everyone believe I know what I am doing, I got some snaps and and sewed them on the inside, and sewed buttons on the outside part of the button band. 

But that can remain a secret between us. Right?

Thanks for letting me share, and be sure to check out other awesome Tilly and the Buttons tutorials and patterns!

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