Ten Life Lessons in Knitting

I liked writing this post so much. So much that after I hit the post button, I thought of some more things that could go on that list. 

So see part one here, and continue reading below.

7. The wrong side is nice too
Sorry to say, life doesn’t always turn out the way you had planned. Maybe things go as planned, but don’t turn out as you expected. Either way, its ok. Take a step back, look at the whole project, and maybe, turn it inside out. That could make you fall in love with it more. 
8. Indulge.
You know what they say. Good things in moderation. While I would love to always use the merino wool for sweaters, but that is just not responsible. And that doesn’t make it be special. Keep special things special. Appreciate every bit of  the special right along with the less-special-but-still-nice stuff.
9. Do it your own way
You watch that clip of someone knitting 10000 times faster than you? Or you like their pattern, but you don’t like raglan sleeves? Or you just can get yourself to ever use straight needles again? That’s fine. Do it your way. Make up your own rules. Don’t let someone say you are doing it wrong, you are just doing it how you enjoy it. 
10. See it as a whole 
I know, for example, my Jessie Sweater has some “design features” that will eventually drive me crazy. They are a little bit already. But you know, if I don’t tell anyone, no one will see that. 
So I must actively choose to see it as a whole. Look at the big picture. Don’t knit-pick (ha). Let go of that perfectionist side of it and enjoy. 
Because really, even though there are mistakes (read: design features), they make it extra special. And even with them, it is beautiful.

What do you think? Anything else that could be added?

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