Year of Handmade: Knitting in Public

I don’t spend a lot of time crafting in public.
Why not? Pretty much the only time I am in public is when I am going to school. 
So I have enough to carry around and do on those occasions that I don’t really have time to knit. 

But, there were several occasions that was happily knitting away on the bus. 
One time, I was making a scarf.  A lady sat next to me and asked me what I was making, how I got into it, how she wishes she had learned. We ended up having a nice conversation about knitting and life together. 

In contrast to that, I was (again) sitting on the bus. Again, an  older lady sits down next to me. She has several bags on her lap and doesn’t really look at me. But when she does eventually look my direction she did a double take. 
And legitimately said with such distain and disgust in her voice: “You’re knitting?” 
I was a little taken aback by her tone. So I smiled extra sweetly and simply said, “Yup, I’m making a scarf”. 
She seemed to turn her nose up a little and didn’t look at me for the rest of our trip. I still wonder why she gave me such a response. 

But it doesn’t really matter. Knitting is good. Making connections with people is good. Surprising people is good. 

Have you had good reactions by other people when you were knitting in public?


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  1. I always have good reactions... everyone is always interested in what you are making & just watching in awe like you're doing magic :)

    1. haha maybe my bad reaction was because this lady was some sort of knitting pro and was judging my self- taught and twisted stitch ways! I am glad that most people have been saying they only get the "magic awe" kind of reactions!

  2. Wow Rebecca, I usually get a positive reaction, and find the negative one you had puzzling. Maybe that woman had a knitting needle in the ribs once from an over zealous bus knitter and the trauma of it has clouded her reaction to the magic of knitting ever since. Still, don't let it get you down! Rock that bus/subway/car/bank cue knitting! :)

    1. hahahaha you make me smile! I hope that didn't happen to her, but there must be explanation!

  3. I usually get people asking what I'm making. Thankfully no negative responses so far. :)

    1. I am so glad that I seem to be the only one with a slightly negative response to knitting in public!