Year of Handmade: Favourite Thing Ever Made

I feel like this is a difficult post to write. 
My favourite thing I have ever made is constantly changing. Because it is usually going to be the last thing I made. 
Like right now, it is probably my Jessie Sweater.

But, if I am going to try to remain unbiased, I need to come up with some sort of criteria. 

1. Did I learn from this project? Did my skill improve noticeably? 
2. Does it hold some sort of happy memory/feeling?
3. How did it turn out?

According to these, I think the Triangle Hat is the winner. 
Learned: I learned lots. It’s the first real project I improvised, and I improvised it from a picture I saw online. 
I aso learned how to take apart the hat and add a few inches to it (I decided that the person I was making it for would prefer it slouchier than it was)
And I learned how knit and purl stitches can make really cool patterns
And I learned how to draw out patterns and do some knitting math. 
Memories: I remember feeling proud that I finished it so early (August sometime) because it was a Christmas gift. I was also happy that I got to use some stash yarn up.
And MAN OH MAN when it was unwrapped it was the perfect reaction. So that was the best part.
Final Product: Near perfect, I think. I mean, if I saw the hat again, I would probably be a little picky about some things I could have done better, but I am happy with how it turned out.

Second Place: Cabled PomPom Hat Third Place: Dorothy Wrap

Honorable Mentions: Coco SweaterNalu MittsBraided Crown Headband and (of course) the Jessie Sweater.


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  1. Oh, I see I'm not the only one to have fallen off the "blog prompts" wagon! I hope all is well with you and your blog silence isn't ominous; maybe you have some very engrossing project in hand?

    1. Should all be explained now! Thank you for your concern!