Year of Handmade: Confessions of a Self-Taught Knitter

1. I don’t swatch
2. I hate blocking
3. Recently (yesterday) I forgot which direction you knit in. As in I doing with my right hand needle what I should be doing with my left. Embarrassing. 
4. 10 months and 1 sweater into my knitting, I learned that I was making twisted knit stitches rather than knit stitches
5. I’m not great at judging what size needle to use (maybe I should swatch)
6. I guess what size I should make
7. I lose stitch markers I lose my cell phone (constantly but only temporarily)
8. I have chronic starter-itis
9. I sometimes wish I didn’t have such a crazy yarn stash. 
10. I don’t miss crocheting

This is a post for prompt #7 my Year of Handmade prompts-- "Your bad crafting habits"
I was crazy busy over February/ March, so blogging was kind of anytime I found time. But as a reminder, we are still going on with Year of Handmade prompts! I had originally planned to do 2 per month, so now I am playing  a tiny bit of catch up. Make sure you write along, link up and post to media with #yearofhandmade. I love love love to read what you write! 


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