Taking Stock: Volume 3

Making: and finishing my the previously named "Never Finished Sweater" (post to come soon!)
Cooking:  Smoothies, jam sandwhiches and carrot sticks (#notcooking)
Drinking: Coffeeeee
Reading: (planning on reading) Anne of Green Gables
Wanting: to skip the end of April
Looking: at the knittersofinstagram hashtag
Playing: with WordSwag
Deciding: to be happier
Wishing: for a good thrift store day
Enjoying: the Library
Waiting: for garage sale season to start!
Liking: my (almost) natural wavy hair
Wondering: and appreciating.
Loving: The library
Pondering: what I should make next
Considering: what my future holds
Watching: Once Upon a Time 
Hoping: to get through the next 3 weeks with grace and a strong face
Marvelling: The beauty of my city
Needing: warmer fingers
Smelling: turkey and potatoes for Easter dinner
Wearing: my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe
Noticing: how late the sun stays up
Knowing: that there is so much more to know!
Thinking: That I have some great people surrounding me
Feeling: a little astounded that I made it through this very heavy course load 
Admiring: every kind of sky
Sorting: my clothes to keep or donate
Buying: spring/summer capsule clothes!
Getting: antsy for the end of April
Bookmarking: TED talks
Disliking: Bus rides
Opening: surprise letters from my Vancouver friend
Giggling: my dog’s post-winter excitement 
Feeling: Better than I did about 2 weeks ago
Snacking: on “carrot chips” (thinly sliced carrot slices)
Coveting: People with palm trees (I love winter but I have this love for palm trees as well)
Wishing: I had more people to send letters to. 
Listening: to Alan Doyle’s new album, and sad that I missed when he was in town.
Helping: myself to second helpings of Easter dinner

Speaking of which, have a wonderful wonderful Easter! 


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