Jessie Sweater

Let me start by telling you a story.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Jessie. She was young, beautiful, and treasured by her owner. Her owner would take her everywhere. She was showed off and doted on. 
But as time went passed, the owner spent less and less time with poor Jessie. This made Jessie sad.

Now the difference between my Jessie Sweater and Jessie of Toy Story movies, is that my Jessie was not given away. My friend Laura used the obviously very emotional song from Toy Story (When She Loved Me) to guilt me into finishing my sweater (this is also how my sweater was named). 
The similarity between my Jessie and Toy Story Jessie is that in the end, they were both so very loved. Because man oh man, am I ever I am glad I finished knitting it.

Now, my fellow Canadians may get mad at me when I say this, but I can’t wait for winter. I can’t wait to be able to wear this every day. Sorry, Canadian friends, I am counting down.

So, some details. 
This sweater is from the Chelsea Morning pattern by Elizabeth Davis
It is a great pattern, and gives plenty of good resources so even very beginner knitters (like I was) can make it. 
BUT, that didn’t stop me from making plenty of mistakes. 

For example, I learned that I had been doing twisted knit stitches rather than regular knit stitches. The. Whole. Way. Through.
That means my Stockinette is a little weird (you can see this closer to the top of the sweater if you look closely. 
But only I will notice, right? And you guys won't tell anyone, so it's all good.

I also bought wayyyy to much yarn. But I am going to blame the lady at the yarn store for that one. 
But, um, Merino Wool. So… I’m not complaining about having more of that. 

I also learned that needle size makes a huge difference. Which is an obvious thing to learn. This and my unmeasured gauge is probably why I have so much extra yarn.

But all in all, I am thrilled with the way it turned out, and excited to be able to wear it more often.

Happy April!


  1. Wowzer, a terrific first sweater! You should call those twisted stitches a "design feature" making this sweater unique. The fit is great, nice & comfy without swallowing you whole.

    1. Haha exactly! Not a mistake, a design feature.