DIY Paper Roses

On Easter weekend, my sister and I wanted to do something fun. 
We thought about going out. We thought about sleeping and being lazy all day. 
We eventually chose to make some paper roses using this tutorial.

If I am being honest, there were fun aspects to this craft. 
- painting our little squares in pretty watercolour was fun.
- Watching Into the Woods for the 3rd time (that weekend) was fun
- Shopping for the few supplies we didn’t already have was fun (we found pearl beads at our dollar store, which was a good find)
- making the first 3-5 flowers was fun.

But after that, it got kind of tedious. 
To start, I just grabbed a stack of paper out of our printer to paint. I did not consider that the flowers do not take that much paper each. So the amount I grabbed was far to much. We ended up having about 100 4-inch squares to paint, fold, cut and craft into flowers. 
This ended up giving us 33 flowers.
We do not need thirty-three flowers. 

It was 4 movies later that our painted squares were all folded, trimmed, chopped up, glued together, rolled up, strung onto twisted floral wire and wrapped up in gooey floral tape.

BUT: After all the complaining, and all the hand cramps, the end product is gorgeous. 
To the point that you have to look twice to see that they are not in fact real flowers. 
We brought some to our Oma for Easter, we each have a pretty no-wilt bouquet in our rooms, and we got to spend 10 hours watching movies, singing songs and making pretty things (and complaining) together. Which, in all seriousness, are some of our favourite things to do. 

Let me know if you try this tutorial! I would love to see your finished products.
- - Rebecca

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