New Stitch Blanket

Hello everyone!
I come today looking for some advice.

I am making a blanket. Originally, it was going to be crochet (Along with the Ravelry group BAM CAL 2015). But by mid-march, I only had 2 January squares done. So, I turned to instagram and asked if I should just make it a knit blanket instead of crochet. The answers were overwhelmingly "knit it or mix it!".
And I am excited about it.
I decided on making 6(ish) inch squares or whatever kind of pattern I want. I have a list of ideas going, but really I just want to try out as many new stitches as possible.
So, this is where you come in.

I am fairly new at knitting, I haven't done too much of anything. So, dearest readers, would you help me by suggesting new stitches to try? I am up for any skill level!

Thank you muchly! I will update my progress on my squares here, but you can also follow along on Instagram with the #newstitchblanket hashtag.



  1. By far, one of my favorite stitch patterns is the Shetland lace pattern called Old Shale or Feather & Fan. It's lovely in any weight of yarn, very repetitive so one can get it down pat pretty quickly, and only four rows "deep", I've knit so many items in this pattern that I can almost knit it in my sleep! Do use stitch markers between repeats, as they'll be invaluable when it comes time to figure out why your stitch count is off!

    1. thanks for the tip! I'll add that one to my list!

  2. I love cables and they are funtastic to knit, especially if you can learn to do them without a cabling needle. That being said, I adore the gansey knitting patterns. Combining knits and purls to create tons of textures and pattering... Magic! Check out "Gansey Nation" ... some nice things about these charm-like blocks are their mix and match-y-ness and if they are in a blanket, you don't have your toes poking through the holes in them. (I hate getting my toes caught in yarn overs!!)
    Can't wait to see this blanket grow, Rebecca!

    1. Thanks for the idea! I love cabling, and just the idea of cabling without a needle confuses me a bit. So maybe it is something I should add to me to do list!