Year of Handmade: Favourite Products to Use

My most used/purchased when on a budget (and have a ton of in my stash)
1. Patons Yarns (Classic Wool Worsted is my fave with Patons Decor being a close second.) 
4. Knitting needles from thrift stores

When splurging a little: 
5. Manitoba yarns- like this stuff bought from Manitoba Fibre Fest and used for this hat.
6. Cascade Merino yarn. (The stuff I am still using for my still unfinished sweater
7. These knitting needles. A complete dream to use. (I don't know the brand anymore, but I bought them from Wolseley Wool)

This post is part of my year-long project called Year of Handmade. Check it out and join in!



  1. Hmm, those needles look a lot like Knitters Pride products. I bought some for some stranded knitting (eeee! a new technique for me!), even though I'd about decided I didn't care for wooden needles. But I found the Knitters Pride needles just lovely, and have purchased others. Live & learn, eh?

    1. Your right! Knitters Pride! Thank you!
      I love knitting with wooden and bamboo needles, maybe thats because I am still a beginner and it seems easier to control the stitches than with metal needles.

  2. Wool and needles! So basic but so very true for every knitter. Cascade yarns are dreamy. That's a brand I usually start a design in. Tasty, but not too pricy for the average knitter. I love that you thrift store shop too! Have you tried up-cycling things into knitting paraphernalia?