Thoughts on Creativity

“I’m not creative like you” 

“I wish I was more creative"

“I want to get into (painting, knitting, writing, etc), but I am not creative enough."

While I am sure that I have said things like this, more often than not I am the one countering people who tell me this. 
Everyone is creative. People who are more creative than others have simply stretched that creative muscle more. 

I mean, I am not a great runner. But I don’t account that the my lack of innate ability to run. It is more that I just haven’t worked at that ability much. 

I do think, however, that some people are born with more of a need to use their creativity. Just like some people just need to move and run more.
But it is also something you can train yourself into needing.
For example, I used to hate journalling. But now, I love having my book to turn to and write in. I trained myself to need it. Same thing for creativity. 

Creativity is not something you either have or don’t have.
Everyone is creative.  

How do you think creativity works? Is it something you are born with or something you learn?

-- Bee

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