Life the Loveliest

Valentine’s is a funny thing. It’s weird, hyper commercialized and romanticized. 
Before I started dating my guy, I thought it was pointless. 
But now I think it is just fun. It is fun to celebrate love. It is fun to see other people in love and sharing love. 
It warms this wonderfully cold part of winter. 
But love is so much more than just the romanticized, commercialized, fancy date, thirty-dollar flowers that we see this one day of the year. 
It is the simple smile that strangers share.
It is the joy of walking your dog on very cold mornings. 
It is everywhere, in every kind gesture and thought. 
This year, I took part in Meredith’s Sheepish Heart Bomb. 
I crocheted 16 hearts, put them on strings, and scattered them around the neighbourhood. 
Specifically, places that meant a little something to me. 
-Near my bank
-Around my elementary school
-at my bus stop
-at the church down my street
-at my Oma’s old apartment
as well as some other places in between

I don’t know if anyone will actually pick one up. It is actually quite possible that no one does. But it is also possible that some do get picked up. And they make the person smile, and maybe that person will pass that surprised smile along to someone else. 
Man, wouldn’t it be great if we just all stopped for the day and were joyfully loving to all?

Happy Valentine’s! 
What did you do today?

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