February Knitting Goals

I am in February Denial. 

No way can it already be a whole month into the year. 
A whole month into the school semester…no. way.
That means only two months of classes left.
Which is crazy. 

This is going to be a busy month.
I have midterms already, papers that should be started, presentations that need to be made and a job that needs to be found.
Some goals include working on getting rid of most of my wardrobe and working towards a capsule wardrobe and taking my dog for a nice long walk every day (this one is a challenge because of Canada in February. Brr. )

I am also going to set a very small set of February Knitting goals. Because, hey, it will make my February a lot more enjoyable. 

1. Finish the sleeves on my sweater. So maybe I can wear it before the end of winter. 
2. I was asked to make a hat for someone going through cancer treatments. I haven’t decided on the pattern yet. I want to make it pretty, simple, and comfy. So the nice lady can wear it often and with anything she is wearing. It was suggested that I use natural fibres, so I am using a cotton/silk blend I have in my stash. 
Any pattern ideas? I would love suggestions. 


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