6 Life Lessons I have Learned because of Knitting

1. Challenge yourself: 
Pick something out of your range of abilities or something totally new. You will learn a tonne and you will be more comfortable with other challenges in the future 
2. But don't make the challenge too big. 
Something 2 or 3 steps higher than you have previously climbed is a good challenge. But something 10 steps higher will leave you sad, lacking in confidence and with a mess of yarn taunting you. Challenge is good, but don't accept Mission Impossible before you are ready. 
3. Make friends
Go to a Knit Night, a class, a yarn store. Ask questions to people on Ravelry, comment on those Instagram pictures, start a conversation. These are the people who will help you along, support your passion and not ask you to make them something (like you know your other non-knitty friends will do) 
4. Deadlines get things done
seriously, you set that deadline, you set that goal, and you stick to it, it will happen. Make the deadlines realistic and if they don’t work out, don’t worry too much. Learn from it, pick yourself up and set another goal. 
5. Things get done a lot faster when on a time crunch. 
You know that week before Christmas when you have 4 more presents to make? You will work through the cramps and the tired eyes to get those gifts done. Forgot about the birthday thats next week? Ooops, but don’t worry, thats plenty of time to make a matching set of mittens, hat and scarf. You had a goal to have that sweater done by the end of the month? Get to it. 
6. But really, people love the thought and effort put into anything. 
Even if that birthday gift was a week late, even if they have an IOU as a Christmas gift, even if you ask them a thousand times if this is exactly what they wanted when they requested an item, and even if you see every imperfection, they will love it. They will love it, say it is exactly what they imagined, tell you its perfect, show it off to their friends, and request more items to be made. 

Probably not a comprehensive list, I'll keep you updated :)
What have you learned?



  1. Indulge a little-whether in a fancy skein, the needles you really want or having multiple WIPs at once, make it something you love

    1. Also, don't be afraid to do it your way. People hold knitting needles their own way and make mods to patterns all the time to fit their needs. Knitting is for your enjoyment so don't let other people tell you you're doing it wrong.

    2. I think I am going to need to do another knitting life lesson post, because as soon as I posted it I thought of a few more!

  2. Great post!! All crafters should read this one

  3. People like you are hero's - knitting is so cool. xx


    1. oh goodness sweetest compliment I have ever received! Thank you so much <3