Year of Handmade: In My Dreams

Year of Handmade II: In your wildest dreams, where would you like to see your craft take you.

Self-Knitting Needles

My blog takes off. Like, it is just soaring high and far past any hope I had ever had for it. It is excelling and reaching new people, I get to have great conversations with so many people around the globe. 
I decide that it is time to put my selfish knitting to an end. So, I open an online shop. I sell little things. Scarves, ornaments, hats, headbands. I make and publish my own patterns to sell. All the proceeds from my shop go to a charity that I feel strongly about (probably Siloam Mission and the Alzheimers Society of Canada).
I have now found great crafty friends with a similar dream to mine: open a yarn store/coffee place/ vintage knick knack place/ cool fabric place. We may sell a big variety, but only a little bit of each thing we are sell. Quality over quantity in our store. But don’t you get hypothetically worried, we can order anything in for you. 
This dream place is a place to get quality knitting supplies. Merino wool, baby alpaca, angora… you know, the stuff that gives you butterflies. This would be a place for conversation, with a big comfy couch and a fireplace so people can sit and knit with their coffee and muffins. 
Also, in my dream I have a pet sheep and my dog will live forever. 

The end. 

p.s. This is not really how I want my life to turn out. Besides the pet sheep and that my dog lives forever part maybe. 

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  1. Oh gosh, pets have such short lives (unless they're parrots or elephants -- and parrots pretty much maintain the Terrible Twos for their, thanks!) compared to ours. We love them all, maybe some of them just a bit more than others, and they give us such joy. I wish your dog a long and happy life with you, and that you'll have happy memories to keep afterwards.