Year of Handmade: In the Beginning

It was spring of 2010. 
I had tried (and failed) at learning to crochet. Learning a lesson that I would end up learning several times in my future: I learn best when I challenge myself.  But crocheting just to crochet didn’t stick. I didn’t want it enough to push myself.

That spring, the announcement of “Your aunt is pregnant…” made crocheting seen useful, exciting, challenging. I would make this long awaited baby a blanket.

But this plan quickly hit a snag when the announcement sentence was finished with “with twins”. 

That was a busy year for me already. I had an exchange student living at my house with me, I needed to prepare for 3 months in Europe, I needed to keep my grades up so I could go.
"But December is still a long ways away", I told myself, "I  can make 2 blankets before they are born”.
And so I managed to learn how to single crochet and chain, and worked on the baby blankets slowly but surely.

Fast forward to early November of 2010. I had 1 baby blanket done and the second half done. Then I came home from church one morning to a message on the answering machine.
They were born. A month early. 
I raced downstairs and picked up my hook and crocheted on. If I was going to eat, it was “after this row is done”, if I was going to do my laundry, it was “after I finish this colour off” and if I was going to go to school, I would wake up an hour early and come home for lunches to get some more crocheting done. 
Two days later, when I was finally able to see those little bundles, I brought 2 completed blankets to the hospital. 
The sides of the blankets were not straight, the colour changes were not great, they were not perfect or even close to a standard I would hold myself to today. (Unfortunately, I cannot find the pictures I took of the blankets right now. But trust me when I say that they were not great)

But they were done. They would keep those little sunshines warm. 
And I found a new hobby. Which later lead me to starting this blog, and much later lead me to knitting.

Now, you have all watched me go from completely afraid at the idea of knitting to can’t put my needles down to sweater making (still not finished) to just loving my knitting adventure. Me starting to knit happened because of the much wider availability of knitting patterns than crochet patterns. And, let’s be honest, I was jealous of all you knitters. For good reason, knitting is one of the best things ever. 

This post is part of a Year long project I am working on called Year of Handmade. Its a link-up for which I have provided 24 craft blog post prompts. I have loved getting the the feedback about it so far, and I can't wait to read everyone's posts! Tell your friends! Let's make this a party! If you do join in the fun, there is a click the "Add Your Link" button at the bottom of the page and add the button below (or the one on the introduction post to YOH) to your sidebar. Spread the word and use the hashtag #yearofhandmade.

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  1. And those blankets will be loves and cherished! I'd love to join in with the year of handmade prompts. Writing ideas are always welcome.

    1. I am glad I am not the only one scrambling for something to write about on my blog. I checked out your blog and wanted to join your ravelry group-- do you have a link for it?