Possibly the Best Hat Ever Made

If you saw my last few Instagram posts, you may have guessed that I was not in snow covered Canada for Christmas.
But, that didn’t change the fact that I was working on a few knitting projects. Admittedly, not as many as I had anticipated (I over-packed on yarn and under-packed on summer clothes), but I still got this one done. 
And I love it. 
This hat was made from a pattern from Simply Knitting magazine, and I used the beautiful baby alpaca yarn I got from Fibre Festival in summer, and topped with a giant fuzzy pom pom from Wolseley Wool.

It is perfect. Like, the softest thing ever. 
It hugs my head perfectly, it is pretty, will go with all my clothes (since all my clothes are neutral) and I learned how much I love cabling. 

So surprise, surprise, my current WIP is also a cabling project (hopefully done next week!)
This knitting thing, guys. It's so rewarding. I am having a blast because every little thing I make, I am learning and getting better and loving it so much. 

Anyway. This hat receives the reward for Last Thing Made in 2014 and Best Thing I Made in 2014. 
But this and this and this could be tied for the Best Thing 2014 reward. 



  1. I've wanted to try out cabling this year, and that hat looks like an amazing project to try it on! It's super cute and looks extra cozy!

    1. Cabling is not that difficult! It just looks it and makes every tiny project 100x more luxurious. At least that's what I think! I would love to see what you make as your first cabling project!

  2. Hi! Your hat is beautiful. And this pom pom is so great. I like your blog, you have really interesting projects.