Nalu Mitts

I never really saw the point in the fingerless glove trend until last semester when I was sitting in class with a parka on and trying to type notes with just the thumbs of my mittens because, for an unknown reason, the heat didn’t work in this one particular lecture hall. (I would guess that that classroom’s share of heat was redirected to my next class, because it was about 1000 degrees in there, let me tell you)
Anyway, my blue hands have a hard time typing to the point that is required for note-taking purposes. 
Solution: Fingerless gloves. 
I can still use the keypad. My hands stay nice and toasty and pretty.

The wave pattern is so cool. Its one of those things that was so much fun to actually make and adds so much to the simple little project. I did skip the moss stitch on one side of the wave, it wasn't showing up as nicely as I had anticipated.
I used a very little bit of yarn to actually make this project, Paton’s Wool Worsted (probably left over from the Copycat Hat), and I have some left over too. 

Have you jumped on the fingerless glove bandwagon? 

PS, loved seeing this hack on the pattern

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