How to Beat Second Sock (Mitten) Syndrome

It is pretty well known throughout the yarn community that there is a very real struggle: finishing the second sock. I haven’t ventured into sock-making yet, but the same syndrome can be applied to gloves. 
These fingerless gloves that I finished last week, for instance. 

I really really  wanted these things to be done so I can stay warm during lectures and at work and while drinking tea and while knitting and…everywhere else.
So to fight the urge to drop the second one with disgust and hate, I have a very simple medicine for Second Sock Syndrome. 
Wear the first one while making the second one. 
Simple solution or what?
While knitting the second, you will be blissfully awaiting the day that you can show the pair off to the world and receive compliments and “ohh you make me a pair”’s and “you actually make those!”’s 
Yes, it will be a little harder to give up when you have one warm hand and one very cold hand. 

How do you get over the infamous Second Sock Syndrome?

-- Bee


  1. That will certainly work for fingerless mitts! I found two sets of the same sizes (two)/material/manufacturer DPNs in my collection, and started one sock on each set. I work ten rows on each alternately. It's a plain vanilla sock, which will be knee length -- the middle of the leg portion will be worked on larger needles to fit over my calf. I had to put these in hibernation over the holiday, but hope to finish them shortly.

    1. I think that one day I will get into sock making, but making them match exactly makes me nervous. Especially if I make them for someone else.... I just can't bring myself to it yet. But I love the idea of working on them each 10 rows at a time! Easier to match them then!

    2. I've done this!!! It does work but I'm so impatient, this can be painful at times.

      Another trick I'll use is fiber motivation. I'll put a gorgeous new skein on my desk and promise I will not crack into it until the 2 socks are done. I do the same thing with a new knitting book. No peeking until the work is done!

      What also works for me is keeping the socks in a super cute project bag. Makes me want to pull string from it. :)


    3. Oh I don't think I am strong willed enough to stop myself from peeking in the knitting book! haha! That would totally motivate me though!

  2. Sounds like a pretty good idea for mitts! My way of avoiding second sock syndrome is to, when possible, cast on the second sock before the first one's done. So I'll finish the cuff, for Sock 2, and THEN take care of the toe on the first one.
    Thankfully I've been enamored enough with every sock pattern I've done to not have to resort to this plan often to get them done!

    1. Now thats something I could totally get on board with! great idea!