Five Years Ago

Last week, I wrote about how I started crocheting (for Year of Handmade). This post prompted some reflection.

I clearly remember my first trip to Michaels to get some yarn for the baby blankets. 
It was tricky. I wasn’t working from a pattern; I didn’t know how to read a pattern yet. I didn’t really know how big to make a baby blanket, I didn’t know which crochet hook to use or that I would need to weave in ends… everything was so new to me. 
I walked to the empty yarn isle. 
More accurately, it was almost empty. There was 1 nice elderly lady there shopping for sock yarn. This was on a saturday, probably around 11, which now is a busy time for Michael’s stores. But there we were, this nice old lady and myself. One wise and carefully reading the yarn packaging, the other confused and overwhelmed.

I talked to this nice lady, she pointed me to the baby yarns, suggested how much to buy, and wished me luck.

Now, if I was to go to the yarn isle at Michaels on a Saturday morning, the place would be crazy. Anyone, any age. Not just one 16-year-old and one 75-year-old. 

Crochet, knit, DIY, general crafting, has taken over. It is not just a “I need to make some baby blankets” kind of craft, but a “woah, this is on sale? I better stock up” kind of craft.  It’s not strange to see someone knitting on a bus bench or in the school cafeteria (or at least thats what I tell myself). It makes me so excited the see this little craft from 5 years ago take over slowly but surely. 

How far will it go, do you think? Can it become much bigger than it is? Is this just a phase?



  1. Unsure! I'd think it would be a short phase for many, but for some, like me, it will probably stick around for a good while before falling over to the wayside.
    Either way it's a pleasure to see any interest in crafts. I thoroughly love learning that a friend I wouldn't have imagined to be into crafts shows me their rav account or the wip they've got going on in their purse!

    1. I agree! I think that the popularity of it has captured pop culture but for most it will be just a fad. Hopefully we will come out with a few more cool yarn stores and crazy knitters though!