Five Guidelines to Journaling

Here we are.
In December. Woah. Didn’t I just start the school year?
Life is just moving so fast. But at the same time, the next week and a half of exams are going way too slow.

This fast/slow movement of time is one prime example of why I picked up journaling again. 
I have tried to journal in the past, but end up months later with a misplaced journal with 3 pages filled out.
This time, I have some very loose guidelines. 
And so far, 2 months into journaling again, they are working.

1. Don’t put so much pressure on it. 
It doesn’t need to solve problems. It doesn’t need to hold every lost memory. Just write when you feel you need to. After all, no one else will see it. Just write for you. 

2. You don’t need to write every day, you don’t need to write about everything that happened to you. 
Write about that “aha” moment.
Write about something that made you smile today.
Write your crazy dreams and goals down. 
Write about your frustration of the day. I find writing it down makes it so much easier to let go of.
Write about something that confused you. 
Just pick up the pen and before you know it, the page will be filled.

3. Always date the new entry.
This is my only strict rule. That extra second of writing wont hurt anyone. But I am sure it will be a nice touch when future you reads it.

4. Keep the book and pen in sight. 
Don’t let it become forgotten. I keep mine on my bedside table, because I like to write right before bed. If you keep it in the foreground, less chance it will become forgotten and lost. 

5. Get a pretty book. 
Because it makes you feel good to be using something that makes you happy to look at. I use this Leather Bound Journal from Chapters/ Indigo/ Coles.

Let me just tell you, it is kind of awesome what I get out of writing my thoughts down. It forces me to stop and think about seemingly unimportant moments and helps me organize my thoughts. 
I always feel better after I write things down. 

Do you journal? Do you follow any patterns?


  1. These are great guidelines for journaling. At one point when I mostyle started I was writing almost everyday but over time it has become less frequent. Mostly because I like to write down little things I want to remember or when I need to vent my thoughts. There is no write or wrong way to do it, whatever is best for each person is the way to do it.