Thrummed Mittens

Fact: Cold fingers and toes are the worst. 
Fact 2: I don’t have the "cold hand” problem anymore.

I made, and finally finished, my thrummed mittens! They really didn’t need to take so long to finish, but stinking school kept getting int the way. 
Really, they should still be unfinished.

So, when I was at the Manitoba Fibre Festival, I bought a Thrummed Mitten Kit from Ram Wool Co-op. Because, why should I be afraid of DPNs and unspun wool. And shaping and taking a thread out from the middle of your work and trying to pick up all the itty bitty stitches. 
Don’t worry, I conquered yet another knitting fear. 

So I don’t have an online source for the mitten pattern, but this one or this one also look pretty good. 
I would actually love to make more of these! Maybe with bulkier wool so it goes a little quicker. 

Also, look at the glorious snow! 
I am the happiest in Winter. 

Happy One Month Until Christmas!


  1. 1. They look wonderful! 2. Love your spectacles, you cool cat. 3. Do you prefer crocheting or knitting mittens?

    1. I like both equally. There is lots of technique in knitting so crocheting is much easier. I dropped a few stitches and I didn't realize until after they were done. oooops. I saved it though.