These are a few of my Favourite Things

1. fall/ winter shoes
 2. jewel tones
3. keeping an agenda
4. coffee shops to study in
5. wooden knitting needles
6. small distraction knitting projects
7. wearing layers
8. bangs
9. big band music
10. fair trade tea in the morning
11. FitBit
12. a choice of teapots
13. cool iPhone case
14. overcast days
15. fluffy snowflakes
16. polkadot socks
17. Jimmy Fallon
18. vanilla lattes
19. triscuit crackers
20. world maps


  1. Seriously can't get over how fantastic your shoe/sock combo is. Laaave it.

    1. polka dot socks every day of the week

  2. Definitely a fan of a good many things on this list too. What would I do without bangs for one thing? And I will never get bored of discovering new coffee shops.

    rae of love from berlin

    1. I cut bangs in May and it was the best decision ever.