Puff Stitch Cowl Pattern

I love patterns where the single colour chosen is beautiful, but lets the stitch shine through. 
Which probably goes back to my fear of colour. 

Funny story: I made a lot of this cowl while walking on the treadmill and watching Full House on Netflix. While avoiding my studying. I am some multi-tasker.
I dropped the project, hook, yarn and stitches when I tripped over my own feet, and the whole thing got sucked into the machine. and wrapped around the belt. So it was pretty dusty and nasty, but nothing a nice washing wont cure. 
And the washing made the acrylic yarn really nice and soft. 

But anyway, want the super simple pattern?
You got it, Dude!

Puff Stitch Cowl

- 1 skein Loops & Threads Impeccable (I actually used less than one skein, a little had been used for a different project)
-6mm hook

Puff Stitch:
Yarn over, insert hook in indicated stitch and draw up a loop (3 loops on hook), [yarn over, insert hook in same stitch and draw up a loop] 3 times (9 loops on hook), yarn over and draw through first 8 loops on hook, yarn over and draw through remaining 2 loops on hook

Row 1: foundation single crochet 78 and join the first st to the last with slip stitch (optional: I inadvertently twisted my foundation sc, so now it is a mobius shape. It turned out nicely, but I did not mean this to happen. Up to you!) 
Row 2: ch 2. *puff st, ch 1, sk 1 st*. repeat from * to * Join with last ch 1 to first stitch with sl st.
Row 3: ch 3, sk first ch1-sp, *puff st in next ch 1 sp, ch 1, sk next puff st* . repeat from * to * Join with last puff st to first ch1- spwith sl st.
Repeat Row 2 and 3 until yarn runs out or cowl is to length you prefer. 

There you have it! 
Just because I am afraid of mixing colours doesn’t mean you should be! Let me see how you get creative by leaving a picture in the comments, emailing me or posting to Ravelry! 

Happy Crocheting!
-- Bee

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