Chunky Knitted Circle Scarf

Happy November! 
Happy Snow covered city!

Oh, you mean you don’t have snow yet? you poor thing. 
Oh, you never get snow where you live? you very poor thing. I am sorry for you. 

If you didn’t know, I love winter. I figure, if I am going to live in Canada, I better get used to and learn to love the majority of the year. 
But this obsession has gotten to the point that I over bundle in summer. oops. 
I just love bundling up. especially in overly chunky scarves. 

So, I present to you:
The First Scarf I Ever Knit
A year or so ago I had some chunky sparkly yarn laying around and the want to learn to knit. 
Ultimately, this motivation did not stick at the time, but I got through one scarf and 2 hats before giving up for another 8 months again. I learned shortly after completing those 3 little projects, although they turned out nicely, that I was knitting and purling wrong. 
Oh well. They aren’t falling apart yet. 

Want a really easy mini scarf recipe?

-Chunky yarn (I used Lionbrand Thick and Quick in Starlight)
-size 11 to 13 needles

-Cast on 20. 
-knit all rows until scarf reaches desired length. (This is garter stitch)-cast off. sew both ends together. 
-Weave in all ends. 
-Be super cuddly and warm with a hit of sparkly glamour this winter. 

Here’s to winter and all its cozy glory!

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