More Than They Deserve

"Part of kindness is loving people more than they deserve"- John Joubert

Even when the car that you slowed down for to let them in doesn't wave a 'thank you' at you;
Even when they talk on the phone while paying for their groceries;
Even when they don't move to the back of the bus to make room for a few more people;
Even when they take the seat you have been sitting in all semester.
Love people more than they deserve.

When they hold the door open for you;
When they invite you to Thanksgiving dinners;
When they leave beautiful comments on posts long ago;
When they compliment your scarf and ask if you could make them one;
When they bring a coffee to class for you;
When they make your workplace a wonderful place to spend 6 hours at a time.
Love people more than they deserve.


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