Lets Talk Colours: Dorothy Wrap

Its strange to look back at my archives and see how amazingly plain the colours I choose are. I am mostly over run with browns, tans, blacks, whites and blues.
Which is strange. And not. I know what I like, I know what I will wear. I know that a brown toque will get much more wear than a crazy colourful one. So that’s what I have.

THIS, however, is a totally different story. Colour work galore. Let me tell you, my sister was not cool with how much time I spent hemming and hawing about which colours belong together.

Although this project was for her, she didn’t really care about the colours. She is the artsy one. The one who can smack any shades on a canvas and make it look awesome.
So in the end, I trusted her non-stress and just went with it. And I got to use some yarn from my stash along the way.

This pattern is from Inside Crochet issue 54. I finished it, then my sister asked if I could make it a vest instead of a wrap as shown in the magazine. So I just sewed the sides together. I wish she would have asked me sooner, then I could have made the pattern line up along the side, but oh well. It is what it is now.

This was really fun to make (other than the colour stress I experienced) and inspired more colour work in future projects. It was so fun to learn new Tunisian Crochet techniques, how to read charts, how any Fair Isle knitting chart can be turned into a Tunisian crochet chart. 


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