Knitting with DPNs

If knitting was jumping out of an airplane, double pointed needles (DPNs) is the possibility of having the parachute fail. Let's be honest, its a pretty scary thing!
1) you use 4 needles at once. whaaaat.
2) there's nothing at either end of the needle to keep the stitches on the stick. aka dropped stitches galore.
3) with 8 pointy ends flailing around the air, the possibility is poking your eye out is hugely dangerous.

Maybe I am the only one that DPNs scare this much, but I think its a valid concern. **Please note extreme exaggerations**

But I still did it! I am still knitting, and I am even using DPNs, and I am still learning to make mittens- which is the most fun and most terrifying thing. You mean I have to take that little piece of scrap yarn out and try to catch all my little stitches? Knitters are crazy. Meaning I am as well.

I decided that I needed some slightly more instant reward, so my sweater is just chilling out for a while until I get this first mitten done.

But the weather is threatening to turn cold very soon, so I might need to make both mittens right away and my sweater will just have to wait.

Have a wonderful wonderful day!


ps, sorry for such a long blog break! My excuse is 2 exams and 2 essays and having absolutely no want to take pictures.

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