Crafty Queue

Let me begin by saying that the word "queue" may be my least favourite word to spell. Why so many vowels and so little syllables?

Alright. Moving on.

List of things in I am going to make:

1. Have to finish this sweater. uggghhh I am so close to the end but slowing down so much. I just have to finish the back shoulders and the sleeves. I just need to stay motivated.

2. make the second mitten of this set. And then most likely connect them with a long chain so I don't loose them all winter long.

3. This one I can't say. Its a secret santa secret gift and he/she may be reading this very post. Must be finished by December 21st.

4. This sweater! Remember when I tried making this sweater? Well now I am going to take all the yarn apart and make this sweater from Inside Crochet. My plan is to make it during the winter break. Fingers crossed that this time it works for me.

5. And sometime finish this shawl that I seem to have put away and ignored since summer time. oops.

Whats on your list ( or "queue")?


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  1. I have a huge knitting queue, too! there are some great patterns here, good luck!