Triangle Hat

Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecke. Drei Ecke hat mein Hut.
Maybe you didn't know this, but I am (read: used to be) fluent in German. As in, I learned German at the same time I was learning to speak English. And then I went to Billingual school until high school.
This hat, originally called the Dreiecke Hat by Very Shannon, reminded me of this little song I used to sing in German. My hat, it has three corners. Three corners has my hat.

I did not use the pattern you can buy from her website, and if I did, I would probably be happier with the result. On my hat, the triangles are there, but not as beautifully vivid as hers. I am still happier with how it turned out though, and it did have a ton of fun making up my own pattern for it. You can visit Very Shannon's blog, Ravelry, or Etsy, and buy the original pattern for yourself!

Happy September! Are you headed back to school or work?


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