The Lately List

Hello Again! I hope September has been kind to you so far!

In Progress// I am working on this sweater. "Working on" means I get to do a couple rounds a day at best, because, goodness gracious, is ever school kicking my butt this year. But spending even a few minutes on a bus or before I fall asleep knitting really takes my tension away.
(Side note: "date night" picture. When I want to knit, he turns on the video games.)

Life// Ok. Best thrift store find of my life! A nice, big, leather, vintage Samsonite bag. It holds my water bottle, laptop, notepad, book, pencil case, wallet, umbrella and other small knick-knacks perfectly. And I paid a whopping $1.50 for it. Yay!
Online// Have you seen Sherlock? On Netflix? I know I am late getting on this bandwagon, but how cool is he?

Quote// I love the imagery in this sentence. I am in a writing course this semester, so I have been analyzing prose all the time. Plus side, I got Lately List quotes for years.

Music// I heard this song on the bus home the other day, and it just brought me back. 

Have a good one!


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