In Progress Report

I am feeling so inspired right now! Especially to finish my first knit sweater.
I needed to order my yarn in, and silly yarn makers took their sweet time sending it ( it took over a month to get to me). So now I have to juggle sweater making and school. School usually wins the battle.

Some things I am learning:
-I love the pattern. I hate the pattern. Thats because its  a lot of knit stitch. It looks so beautifully simple, but it gets pretty tedious to make.
- I am always falling more in love with the colours I chose.
- My knitting needles, which are beautiful and wooden, are getting softer and softer with use.
-Circular knitting needles rock. Although I knew that before.
- I am getting so much faster and more precise at knitting! Like, I can read blogs or textbooks while knitting!
-I am nervous and excited to get to the armhole shaping. That should probably start to happen this week!

Enjoy the Autumn weather!


  1. OH MAN, it looks so good. Better than store bought good. Well done, friend!

  2. Hi Rebecca! Your jumper is looking lovely, thanks for sharing these photos! :)
    What yarn are you using? It looks nice!
    You are right! I tend to use circular needles all the time, easy to fold up your project and take wherever you go!
    Happy knitting!!!!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Hi Ingrid! Its cascade 220 super wash sport, 100% merino wool that wont shrink and is soft like a cloud. I actually spend more time than I would like to admit squishing it into my face! Thanks for commenting!