The Lately List

In Progress// I started getting bored of making this shawl, a free pattern by Berroco. Its just a whole lot of moss stitch (although it is beautiful and so squishy!). But it is the perfect pattern for taking around in my bag with me everywhere I go. I am that wierdo that knits on the bus, bus stop, in the school cafeteria, in line to pay for my drivers licence, on my lunch break, and so on and so forth. When I am at home and want to be crafty, I have been starting Christmas presents. Which are probably not going to be shown on this here blog until after the holidays (sorry folks!).

Life// Impulse buys. Yeah, you know what I mean. Step into my shoes, and see how my shopping trips go:
You are in line at the craft store with arms full of yarn (when you came in for just one skein), and you see this little funny tin. Which would be perfect for scissors and stitch markers and other little things that need to by kept close to yarny projects. You pick it up, laugh, and carefully balance it on top of your mountain of yarn (don't worry, it was all in sale, and have that gift card from your birthday).

Online// Loving Helene's (of Helene in Between) blog. I am not, and don't ever think I could be, a lifestyle and "just write about anything" blogger like her, but she is pulling it off with style, grace, and humour, and I love to read her blog every morning. It's all good.

Music// Little Green Cars. Super cool band. Especially this song, and The John Wayne.

Quote// "You have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having"-- Frank Lloyd Wright.
((note to self: keep this in mind for school--one week!))



  1. What a great quote! So true. Thanks for sharing :)

    Eavan from

  2. Dang it, can't snoop on my christmas present. ;)