Sunburst Hat

Guys. I'm falling in love. And fast.


This is such an unexpected change. I have always been so strictly a crocheter, being afraid of the 2 needles and dropped stitches that knitting comes with. But here we are, now all living in a world where I not only know how to knit, but am also loving it.

I have decided that the best way to learn a new skill is to find small, manageable projects in which you learn several new skills. So I chose this pattern. Check it out. So cute!

Things I learned while making the Sunburst Hat:
-joining stitches in the round.
-garter stitch & stockinette in the round
- cables!
-decreasing (k2tog)
-finishing off
-Knitting uses so much less yarn than crochet.

So excited about this! It won't be my last project!


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