Itty Bitty Baby Booties

My friend is expecting a little one in September (yay babies!). What better excuse to make some itty bitty booties for the new bundle of joy?

I got some inspiration from Ravelry, but I kind of just skimmed the basic pattern that I had chosen and went for it.

I made these exclusively with the grey, then made a long yellow chain and wove it through the little holes. I think its a cute and simple twist on a classic.

I always seem to get major second sock syndrome when making mittens, slippers, socks, etcetera, etcetera. But when they take 10 minutes to make, its not so bad.

How do you beat second sock syndrome? I have another pair of adult sized slippers that I have been needing (and avoiding) to make.



  1. Hey Rebecca,
    Just came across a comment of yours in blogland! So now I will add your blog to my list, as it seems interesting and I love your photos!
    Those baby booties are soo cute, well done for making them so quickly! Anything that tiny is aimply adorable!
    Well done!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Hi Ingrid, nice to hear from you! And thank you for those warm fuzzy feelings! Expecially the photos, I have been working to get them more blog-worthy!