Learning to Knit via Youtube

I considered going to a class to learn to knit. But I was too anxious to get started on this sweater, so here we are. YouTube taught me everything I know.

My first few mini-projects, I started out by casting on like this, but I always had a hard time controlling the tension. AKA, it seemed like I was trying to strangle those poor knitting needles.
Starting this sweater, though, I decided to try something different, and the swatch went so well, I went along with it for the sweater. This video helped me:

Knitting was pretty easy to get the hang of. Purling, however, made me want to pull out my hair. This video helped me along though:

This sweater has a longer back than front, but it is worked in the round. So when its time to add the front on, you have to cast on with the Backward Loop Method. The pattern comes along with a whole bunch of helpful links, but still pictures don't help all that much. This video got me started, and these pictures helped me pick up stitches in the cast on row later.

So thats my start! How did you learn to knit? Any other helpful links I should check out?


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